My Dad's Garage Main Title

Based upon artwork by surf magazine illustrator and EverWitt, LLC partner J. R. Johnson, I took his design elements and worked them into a 3D version of an old neon sign fitting of a garage or man-cave. In addition to the neon tubes for the wings, I added light-boxed letters common to actual signage, including light flickers and dim spots. Some chrome accents around the oval and a subtle back light behind the featured "D" worked with the aged wood effect. I originally had the sign looking more worn, but we all decided to keep it more new-ish than not. The show was called "My Dad's Garage," not "My Grandpa's Garage." You win some and you lose some.

Production Notes and Credits

I modeled all of the parts and animated in Cinema 4D by Maxon. Shading and rendering was done with Arnold for Cinema 4D by Autodesk. The light from the neon and light boxes illuminate the atmospheric density, which was one of the reasons why Arnold was chosen. This effect is most prominent towards the end of the piece, where only the "M," "G," and "D" letters are still lit.