My Dad's Garage Teaser

This is the pitch reel open for "My Dad's Garage," a family/kid-friendly puppet show featuring a do-it-yourself dad who wasn't the typical "doofus dad" that is seen so much in media. Featuring a variety of clip segments and characters, as well as a variety of production techniques, including live action interviews and performances, computer animation and puppetry, the show was an ambitious indy production effort.

Production Credits

I fabricated the puppet characters (designed by illustrator and EverWitt senior partner J.H. "Ev" Everett) for the show using a variety of techniques. Each character was sculpted in clay and molded, then cast in foam. Some characters were covered in fleece, muppet-style, while others were flocked. Ev handled the fabric coverings and wardrobe, as well as most of the puppet performances.

I designed and fabricated the robot character, "Tezla," briefly seen in this clip, and featured traditional hand controls as well as RC servos for the eye mechs. An iPad was to be mounted for the mouth and driven with an app that would animate mouth shapes based upon audio input. During production of the pilot, however, the app proved unreliable, so the iPad was replaced with green screen for mouth effects to be added in post.

Produced by EverWitt Productions, LLC, the show made it to the top executives of several major cable channels, but sadly, was not picked up.