Atom Boy

"Atom Boy" is a property I developed, originally intended to be a "show-within-a-show" for "My Dad's Garage." The "Atom Boy" character figured prominently in both his own segments as well as within the main "My Dad's Garage" show.

In the show, Atom Boy is a child-prodigy science kid. As "My Dad's Garage" was a DIY show, I adapted Atom Boy to have a similar mentally, though more focused on science and technology than mechanics and the like. 

One of Atom Boy's creations was his robotic helper, the drone ARNIE, featured in the turntable animation clip. The "flying" Atom Boy clips are actually for a fantasy segment meant to be featured in the MDG Main Title sequence, though the sequence itself was never finished, due to the show not selling.

These clips were all put together in roughly 48 hours, most non-stop, for a sales presentation to MDG potential investors.

Production Notes and Credits

I designed the characters and settings. The characters were created, rigged and animated with Cinema 4D from Maxon, and rendered in Octane. 

Atom Boy ©2015-2018 Jay Roth All Rights Reserved.

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