who i am

I have been creating visual effects and computer animation in film and television for over 35 years. I once 'terminated' Los Angeles for Academy Award-winning director James Cameron.  I jammed the radar for the legendary Mel Brooks in "Spaceballs."  I have even been tossed from the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills by none other than the endearing Don Rickles...

In 1987, frustrated by the lack of affordable computer animation software, I founded Electric Image, Inc., and helped start a revolution. ElectricImage Animation System (EIAS) was used by the top visual effects companies in the 1990's for the biggest blockbuster films of the time, including "Terminator 2:Judgment Day," "Star Wars Special Edition," "Star Wars The Phantom Menace," "Star Trek Generations," "Star Trek First Contact," "Mission: Impossible" and many more.

Years later, I joined NewTek and ran the LightWave 3D division for several years. Like EIAS, LightWave 3D was a tremendous influence on visual effects in television and film, and literally changed the industry. 

Now in my third career, I am a motion designer, modeler and animator. My journey has brought me full circle, back to being directly involved in the creative process.

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